Life Insurance 101: Everything You Need to Know


Did you know that September is life insurance awareness month? Have you taken life insurance? If not, it’s high time you consider taking some form of life insurance as it could benefit your family down the line.

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Some people assume that they can’t afford life insurance, but no matter your income level, you can afford to spare a few dollars to secure your family’s future.

Furthermore, you will be comfortable knowing that your family is catered for in case of anything, like passing on. 

Life insurance helps fill many voids in case of the death of a loved one, but you must work with a trusted financial advisor. This ensures that you understand how life insurance works and which is the best option for your need.

And since we are in the month of life insurance awareness, you should take advantage of the resources available to secure a better deal.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an agreement made between the insurance company and the policy owner. The insurer commits to pay a certain amount of money to the beneficiaries of the policy owner when they die.

And in exchange, the policyholder pays the insurance company premiums during their lifetime. 

The applicant must disclose your past and current health records for the agreement to be in effect.

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