5 Important Questions to ask your Car Insurance Agent


Before signing on the dotted line, ensure that you are getting the best deal and covering all the bases when getting auto insurance by preparing a list of questions to ask your car insurance agent. The agent will help you understand everything that you need to be included in the coverage.

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Do not shy away from asking questions, be detailed and if you do not understand something, ask follow-up questions. This is because lack of grasping all the information or misunderstanding may leave you vulnerable and suffer losses in an accident.

Questions To Ask Your Car Insurance Agent

Below is a list of five questions to ask your car insurance agent before signing on the dotted line.

  1. What Type of Coverage Do I Need?

The type of insurance coverage to get depends on the state you reside in. First and foremost, irrespective of where you live, if you own a car, you are required to have liability insurance which will provide coverage for accident-related injuries, death, auto damage, property destruction, and legal fees.

Once you know the insurance you’ve chosen meets these needs, it’s time for your insurance agent to give you a thorough explanation of each type of coverage and recommend the best ones. 

The types of car insurance insurance policies include:

  • Collision coverage:

An insurance policy helps you pay for damages if your car gets into an accident with another vehicle or object. Or if you have a natural accident like rolling over a mountain or embarkment.

This cover will help you pay for property damage if you hit a building or other people’s properties. You will be required to pay a deductible, so when selecting, consider what you can afford if you need to file a claim.

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